Recurring Debit Authorization

Date of Last Revision: August 16, 2022

By clicking the “Enroll in Autopay” button, you hereby authorize Multiply Operations, LLC and its service providers, on behalf of itself or Celtic Bank and each of their assignees (“we”, “us”, “our”) to debit your bank account (the details of which you have provided to us) in the amount due on your line of credit as identified on your billing statement each month starting on next month.

You further authorize us to electronically debit or credit the account referenced above to correct any erroneous credit or debit. This authorization will remain in full force and effect until you notify us that you wish to revoke your authorization, a minimum of three (3) business days before the scheduled date of transfer, by contacting us at If we do not receive notice at least 3 business days before the next scheduled debit, we may attempt, in our sole discretion, to cancel the next transaction. However, we assume no responsibility for our failure to do so. Please note that revoking this authorization will not cancel any payment that is initiated before your revocation becomes effective.

We recommend that you retain a copy of this authorization for your records.